Heart Foil Container HT70

Item No.:HT70

Mode:Heart Container



Thickness: 0.05mm


Ctn Size:615x315x615mm

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we have kinds of cup cake pan,different regions have different consumption habit,so we can according the customers’ requirements,open the molds.

Allwin Pack utilizes raw materials that are all conform to international environmental standards,all are the food grade.We have built long term partnership with customers from North America,Europe, Japan,Australia,Asia as well as airlines,supermarket,food service and food producers.

Product Picture Item No. HT70
 HT70 Heart Container 
Size 65x60x10mm
Capacity 70ml
Thickness 0.05mm
Packing 20000pcs/Carton
Ctn Size 615x315x615mm


Very small & cute heart foil container with special heart shape designed, best for special days and parties

Excellent heat conduction. Light weight but sturdy, strong enough for baking needs

Disposable design, just discard these pans and no need to worry about scrubbing and cleaning up

Ideal for little baked goods like pudding, jelly, cupcake and all sorts of individual serves 

Why Aluminum Foil?

1. Net saver of resources.

Aluminum foil in food and drink packaging applications saves more resources than are needed in its production. Various Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) show that alufoil packaging and household foil contribute less than 10% of the environmental impact in a product's lifecycle - Sustainable production and consumption.

2. Barrier protection

Aluminum foil's total barrier to light, gases and moisture is the principal reason for its use in flexible laminates for food, drink and technical applications. Even when very thin it provides perfect protection and preservation of aroma and product characteristics. It can help to extend the viable life of sensitive products for many months, even years, fully retaining original aromas. By enabling products to be preserved for long periods without the need for refrigeration, Aluminum foil packaging helps to prevent spoilage and can provide large energy savings.


To promote aluminum foil packaging as a mission, in order to reduce environmental pollution, to build sustainable development, low carbon and environmental protection of survival space as a mission.

1.An alternative to plastic products reduces a white pollution;

2.Reducing the share of paper-based packaging in disposable consumer goods helps to reduce the deforestation of trees and the pollution of water resources in the paper industry;

3.To integrate of aluminum foil packaging recycling social resources, the realization of the endless circulation of aluminum resources and the road to the sustainable development of the country. This is the responsibility of our team, also as commitment.

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